Adamance puree fraise charlotte et magnum
admance main fraise 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Charlotte Magnum strawberry



Strawberries protected by the wind from the Vallée du Rhône

Franck’s greenhouses are located in the Vallée du Rhône. The hot aft ernoons and cool nights mean our Magnum strawberries grow well, while the wind that sweeps the valley means the plants are protected from many diseases.

« Here, we work alongside the moon, the wind, the temperature, insects and water to make even tastier strawberries. »

Franck Figuet strawberry farmer working with his father and brother Find out more on this producer

Delicious, woody strawberry purée

It’s certainly a challenge to get a good strawberry flavor after processing the fruit, without adding any sugar. By blending two varieties when fully ripe, we were able to capture the woody, musky aromas of the Charlotte, enhanced by the indulgence of the Magnum.


Strawberries in raised beds to protect the farm workers

Franck uses raised beds in greenhouses to protect his fruit and his employees from bad weather. This also drastically limits the inputs needed for strawberry farming. What’s more, the raised beds make the work a lot less arduous and reduces the risk of occupational diseases.


Le fruit de leur travail

Charlotte Magnum strawberry


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