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Opal apple


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Apples from Maine-et-Loire

François’ 144 hectares of Pom’Ligne orchards have been operating since 1993, across two villages in Maine-et-Loire, which is France’s top apple-growing region because of its terroir and climate. Lots of apple varieties have originated from there.


Nature teaches us to be humble, producing beautiful, tasty apples every season is a victory to be celebrated

François Cordier Apple farmer at the forefront of agroecology

A generous and authentic apple purée

We chose an original variety, Opal®, a delicious apple that makes a purée with a distinctive texture and a beautiful golden color.

Apples grown using agro-ecology techniques

To find a way out of intensive production, François turned to agroecology in the early 2000s. This technique includes covering the soil to replenish its nutrients and carefully regulating weed killer usage to protect organic life.

Le fruit de leur travail

Opal apple


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