Jean-Philippe Boisset, producteur d’abricots

Our labels

It’s not enough just to say that we are committed, so here’s all you need to know about our labels and their concrete initiatives.

Since each type of fruit is unique, we have worked sector by sector to find the right labels for each one that are in line with our commitments.

100% FRUIT

When you take a bite of a nice, ripe piece of fruit, you don’t add any sugar.

Fruit purée should be the same – no added sugar, no additives, just fruit.
Ours are made with an innovative process that uses anoxia, removing the oxygen and perfectly preserving the fruit. For you, this means you are free to know exactly what is going into your recipe.

For us, this means adding nothing at all, so we really have to use fruits that are fully ripe when harvested.

HVE : High Environmental Value

The French government’s “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (High Environmental Value) label certifi es fruit that comes from orchards with excellent environmental practices, and in particular, good results in four areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertiliser use and management of water. Our partners have been awarded Level 3 HVE, that is, the highest level of the certifi cation.



ZRP : Zero Pesticide Residue

Chefs and consumers alike are concerned about the impact of pesticides on our health and environment. Here at Adamance, we like concrete evidence.

So whenever possible, we have chosen expert farmers who are able to treat their crops less oft en, therefore producing fruit without pesticide residue*.
An independent laboratory is required to check the results before and after processing.


Une obligation de résultats contrôlés par un laboratoire indépendant avant et après transformation.

Find out more about our Zero Pesticide Residue commitment.


PGI Syracuse

The Syracuse Protected Geographic Indication, regulated by the European Union, certifies that our lemons belong to the Femminello variety, come from a specific terroir in Syracuse and are grown and harvested according to traditional techniques that belong to the region.

French Fruit

The fruit used for these purées come exclusively from farms on French terroirs, which we have chosen for their quality and their proximity to our processing site.



Traced back to the farmer

Behind every piece of fruit, there are people. We have specifically identified all the Adamance farmers, to make sure that these people behind the fruit
and the environment that produces it are truly respected. This means that you know who grew the fruit that you are using, and your clients too.