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Frozen desserts

Innovative fruity recipes

innovative fruity recipes

The Adamance team & L’École Valrhona have worked together to bring you an innovative collection of frozen dessert recipes. We focused on the balance of flavors, sweetness and the stability of textures in order to offer you the best resources and techniques.

Be inspired by our frozen desserts when designing your summer menus.

These recipes will spark your curiosity and your imagination!

1. Strawberry & Coconut Ice Cream Tart

A new fruit experience

Try this new fruity frozen dessert that looks and tastes fantastic – your customers will love it!

An ice cream pie with the ideal balance between intense flavors, sweetness and texture stability.

This tart can be adapted by substituting the strawberry with any fruit that goes well with coconut, such as raspberry, mango or passion fruit, or even a mix of mango and passion fruit.

This ice cream tart is a refreshing surprise!

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2. Yuzu Ice Cream Bar

Discover this new recipe for an ice cream bar that’s full of fruity flavor and an array of textures. This ice cream bar features an intense Yuzu sorbet containing 30% fruit, a yuzu confit, and ice cream to add some sweetness to the creation. All covered with Yuzu Inspiration!

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Kesarpassion ice cream cake

Discover a new recipe for small frozen desserts. These little tropical cakes will give your customers the freshness and texture they’re looking for. They have a beautiful blend of textures, with the creamy meltiness of the ice cream, the light freshness of the sorbet, and the crunchiness of the coconut biscuit. A real treat for the taste buds!

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