creme de fruit recette concept Adamance

Fruit Cream: The Concept

A New Fruit Experience

A creamy texture can very tricky to achieve with fruit because purées come with an extremely high water content. However, this appetizing texture is so important in dessert-making that it is often synonymous with calories and high fat!

We have thought of a solution for getting a creamy mouthfeel without recourse to any fats. This unique crémeux is a world away from the hot desserts it is traditionally associated with. As we said above, creaminess is a very subjective texture. Our testers pictured fruit cream as having a crème brûlée texture.

With a purée content of 70 to 85% depending on the fruit, this product offers a rare fruity intensity. It might even be too intense on its own. All you need to do, however, is adapt the format or combine it with another preparation to balance out your creation.

How to Use: Fruit Cream Trilogy, A Case Study

This varied range of flavors and colors gives you the chance to include three creamy fruit textures on your restaurant menu. Alternatively, you can make takeout dessert glasses for your store and offer customers a little blast of fruit delight. Fruit cream is suitable for lots of different situations.

The Fruit Cream Trilogy’s Advantages

For your customers:
– Your menu’s dairy-free alternative to traditional crème brûlée
– Thanks to its small format, its mouthfeel isn’t overly saturating, despite the very intense fruit flavor.
– A dessert with several delicious colors
– A sugar crisp that adds contrasting texture and balances out fruit’s natural tanginess

For yourself:  Just one thing to make but it works for an entire dessert


The Fruit Cream Trilogy: The Restaurant Version

The Triple Fruit Trilogy (e.g.: apricot, raspberry, lemon)

Total: 90g, i.e.: three 30g glasses

Cost price: approx. €0.20 per glass (varies depending on the fruit and cost of other ingredients)

Retail price of €4.20 for a dessert: 7 times the cost price

The Fruit Cream Trilogy: The Store Version

Fruit Cream Pots

A 30g pot presented with a sugar crisp at the side

Cost price: approx. €0.20 per glass (varies depending on the fruit and cost of other ingredients)

Retail price of €1: 5 times the cost price (not including container)

Other Ways of Using Fruit Creams

Combine fruit creams with other preparations!

Their silky texture and intensity work wonderfully with an indulgent chantilly cream, a perfectly golden-brown crumble or a more elaborate tart. As you can tell, the only limit is your creativity when it comes to using these products!