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  • Ben Tre Calamansi
  • Blackdown and Andorine Blackcurrant
  • Charlotte and Magnum Strawberry
  • Citrus Junos Yuzu
  • Cléry and Charlotte Strawberry
  • Coconut
  • Extra Sweet Pineapple
  • Fantastico & Femminello Bergamot
  • Femminello Lemon
  • Flavor cot and Lido Apricot
  • Green Williams Pear
  • Kesar and Alphonso Mango
  • Mandarine Ciaculli
  • Mara des Bois Strawberry
  • Meeker Raspberry
  • Montrouge and Patty white Peach
  • Oblačinska Sour Cherry
  • Opal Apple
  • Orange Sanguine Moro et Tarocco
  • Passion fruit
  • Persian Lime
  • Wild Blueberry

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  • Chocolate-making
  • Creamy textures
  • Gelified textures
  • Ice cream
  • La glacerie
  • Whipped textures

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  • Chilled
  • Iced
  • Iced -12 -14°C
  • Room temperature

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  • On site
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