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Innovative Ways to Apply Fruit

The Adamance team has created recipes for mousses, crémeux, sorbets and more During our experiments, we spotted some creations that deserved to be pursued.

We called them Concepts.

They can be assembled along with other preparations or served as they are. Most importantly, their characteristics or originality were worthy of development and we considered how to use them. From their fruity intensity to their ease of use and versatility, Concepts always have something extra-special to offer.We thought about how you can get started, cost price and the preparation tips you need, creating a case study and a few initial ideas to inspire you.

Explore the potential Concepts can offer you!A Concept offers something a little different because:– Your customers can eat it more or less as it is, but it can also be paired with other ingredients in creative recipes with its original characteristics. From their fruity intensity to their ease of use and versatility, Concepts always offer something extra-special.

Rather than simply quantifying recipes, we put together some case studies. We give you the key information you need to get started, an indication of cost price, some preparation tips and a few initial ideas for various uses.
These Concepts will spark your curiosity and your imagination!These Concepts will spark your curiosity and your imagination!

1. Fruit Cream: The Concept

A new fruit experience

Fruit creams with a fruit purée content of 70% to more than 85%, a texture similar to a crème brûlée and an intensely fruity flavor!A case study with a creamily textured Fruit Trio to go on your restaurant menu or in a takeout pot for your store.

You are sure to be amazed by Fruit Cream!

Explore Adamance Fruit Cream

2. Absolu Coulis: The Concept

A simple, effective recipe with two ingredients and textured fruit that needs no heating— and loses none of its flavor as a result!

An indulgent panna cotta case study!

Your new kitchen essential?

Explore Absolu Coulis

3. Fresh Fruit Paste: The Concept

A refreshing alternative with a stronger fruit flavor and lots less sugar than a classic fruit paste.

An palate cleanser case study with mini cubes of fresh fruit paste.An original Concept to go on your menu!

Explore Fresh Fruit Pastes

Adamance Fresh Fruit Paste Concept

4. Fruit Mist: The Concept

An all-new fruit experience with an ephemeral texture that develops on the palate.

A case study with an Ile Flottante that takes a fresh look at fruit.

Fruit so beautiful it’s light as air!

Explore our Fruit Mists