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Fresh Fruit Paste: The Concept

Fresh Fruit Paste: The Concept

A New Vision for Fruit Paste

Fruit pastes have existed for a very long time. Pastes are excellent at preservation, as the added sugar and concentrating process help to stabilize water-rich fruit. As well as being practical, fruit pastes are much loved by diners in indulgent hot desserts.

We wanted to design an alternative without losing pastes’ indulgent flavor. In this fruitier, refreshing alternative, the main ingredient’s aromatic character becomes much more apparent than in other products. Customers can savor a gently tangy hint of flavor without having to manage the 75% sugar content of the average traditional fruit paste. Please be aware that this fruit paste keeps for a shorter duration than traditional pastes.

It’s familiar yet so very different. You won’t be able to resist!

How to Use: Fresh Fruit Paste Trio Palate Cleanser, A Case Study

Mini fruit cubes add a delicate touch of sweetness with their clear, intense flavor.


The advantages for your customers:

– Surprisingly different from traditional fruit pastes
– Offers a good transition between savory and sweet courses


The advantages for you:

– No need to add any final touches before serving, can be prepared in advance


How to use in restaurants: A fresh blackcurrant, coconut and peach paste trio

(all kinds of fruit are possible)

Total: 60g per portion (i.e.: 20g per fruit)

Cost price: Approx. €0.42 per portion (varies depending on the fruit and cost of other ingredients)

Retail price of €3 as a palate cleanser: 7 times the cost price

Other Ways to Use Fruit Mist

– Jazz up your dishes with colorful, glossy designs, plus some very fruity accessories.

– Combine fresh fruit pastes with fresh fruit pieces for a multi-textured dessert.

– Make an original palate cleanser by combining delicious fresh fruit and fruit ice cream.