nuage de fruit adamance

Fruit Mist: The Concept

Fruit purée with a super-light frothy texture

Fruit as Light as Air

This mist’s intense fruit flavor dissipates as it melts on the palate. This is the idea behind our rather unusual concept. This simple product beats exceptionally well, much like egg white.

In terms of flavor, the high purée content has boldness which, because of its added sugar and water, sits well alongside other ingredients. The result is an intensely fresh taste and a super-light, frothy texture.

You can also experiment with serving temperatures. Because the product beats so well and has added sugar, it retains its frothy texture when frozen. This is radically different from fresh products and opens up lots of interesting possibilities.

Please be aware that this product only works with acidic fruit purées.

How to Use: Fruit Île Flottante, A Case Study

Fruit mist can be molded into half-spheres, shaped using a spoon, piped or cubed – anything goes! All you have to do is switch your crème anglaise for naturally silky puréed mango or thicken any kind of fruit purée that you find a little too thin using a pinch of xanthan gum. Your île flottante dessert will have a truly refreshing feel.

The advantages for your customers:

– An original variation on a classic dessert
– A light and healthy treat at the end of a meal
– Dairy free


The advantages for you

– Easy to apply (fruit mist can be made in advance and frozen)


Fruit Île Flottante for Restaurants

Total: 100g per portion (65g of puréed mango, 30g of passion fruit mist, 5g of fresh fruit). Adapt to suit your choice of fruit

Cost price: Approx. €0.56 per portion (varies depending on the fruit and cost of other ingredients)

Retail price of €4.50 for a dessert: 8 times the cost price

Other Ways to Use Fruit Mist

– Ice cream sundae toppings
– Original ice cubes for cocktails
– Tangy seasoning for savory dishes
– A light decoration for pastries or plated desserts