Fruit de la passion du mexique
Victor Bautista producteur de fruit de la passion
Passion fruit Mexico

Victor Bautista

Agronomist and farm operations manager


An Ideal Climate for Deliciously Sweet Passion Fruit!

Victor Bautista is an agricultural engineer and manager of the Nueva Esperanza Ranch passion fruit farm.

The Nueva Esperanza Ranch is in the coastal state of Veracruz. The Gulf of Mexico’s climate is hot and humid and 1,800mm of rain falls each year. We sought out Victor’s passion fruit in a region whose terroir’s unique qualities aren’t particularly well known. Thanks to its location, it benefits from distinct seasonal changes that make its fruit’s Brix measurement significantly higher than it would be in other Latin American regions closer to the equator.

The climate of Veracruz allows us to grow less acidic and sweeter fruit compared to that grown in South America.

Victo Bautista Agronomist and farm operations manager


A Passion for Agroecology!

The ranch’s passion fruit plantations apply agroecology principles, without any recourse to chemicals. Victor supplies us from his specialized orchards, where fruit is picked only when perfectly ripe (hence the high Brix levels we enjoy in the produce). Our partner also has his own nursery so that he can cultivate the best fruit. He selects plants that offer the finest quality.


Perfectly Preserved Biodiversity

Thanks to the passion fruit production area’s ecological reserve, the local wild- and plantlife is brilliantly biodiverse. This in turn helps the plantations by boosting the numbers of beneficial insects.

Le fruit de leur travail

Passion fruit Mexico