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Ciaculli Tangerine

Vicenzo Mineo

Vicenzo Mineo, tangerine grower and head of the family business


A family legacy

The Mineo family has been growing tangerines in the hamlet of Ciaculli, in Sicily, for three generations. As someone with a real passion for agriculture, Vicenzo decided to take over the 7-hectare family farm so it would continue to grow citrus fruit, as well as the vegetables that he sells to local cooperatives. Sicily’s archetypal Mediterranean climate and its clay-rich soil help the fruit and its organoleptic characteristics to develop in ideal conditions.

We have been growing Ciaculli tangerines naturally and without pesticides since the 40s

Vicenzo Mineo Vicenzo Mineo, tangerine grower and head of the family business


Vicenzo is aware of the dangers pesticides pose to people’s health and the environment, so he decided to stop using them on his plots of land. He uses mineral oils as well as natural fertilizers to help the tangerine trees develop properly.  Today, he is committed to sustainable farming practices that protect his fields’ biodiversity as much as possible


To protect both the trees and local biodiversity, the Mineo family uses beehives to pollinate their tangerine blossoms the natural way. This type of pollination also allows producers to improve their yields.  Micro-irrigation is another farming technique the Mineos employ. This saves water and prevents weed growth by concentrating irrigation only at the base of the tree. In future, Vicenzo plans to adopt new ecological practices to satisfy his fascination with increasingly environmentally-friendly, sustainable agriculture.


Le fruit de leur travail

Ciaculli Tangerine