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Passion fruit Mexico



Passion fruits from Mexico

Adamance passion fruits are grown at the Nueva Esperanza Ranch on small hills. A hot, humid climate and plenty of rain allows them to develop all their aromas. The vines are protected by plant cover that is common in the region.

« The climate of Veracruz allows us to grow less acidic and sweeter fruit compared to that grown in South America. »

Victor Bautista agronomist and farm operations manager Find out more on this producer

Acidic, intense passion fruit purée

Using Veracruz passion fruit gives us a less common taste, with a flavor profile featuring intense, powerful notes of yellow fruits, which is balanced in sweetness and acidity.

Passion fruit in harmony with nature

On the ranch, biodiversity is king – killing or harvesting native fl ora is strictly forbidden. Victor uses organic methods to manage these species and protect his vines.

Le fruit de leur travail

Passion fruit Mexico


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