Adamance - Crème de noix de coco du sri lanka
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Coconut cream

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Sans singes exploités Adamance purée de fruits

Coconuts from Sri Lanka

All our coconuts come from the “Sandalankawa Estate” plantation. It is ideally located on coastal terroir, with a humid, tropical climate that is perfect for growing coconuts.

Our plots are in the ’coconut triangle’ where we have the perfect climate for particularly aromatic coconuts.

Keerthi Ranjith Ranwala experienced coconut farmer Find out more on this producer

Creamy, delicious coconut cream purée

Sri Lankan coconut cream offers warm, almost roasted notes, carried by a creamy, delicate texture.

Coconuts without animal abuse

Enslaving and mistreating monkeys to harvest coconuts is a serious problem in parts of Southeast Asia. We have chosen a partner who guarantees that no monkeys are exploited to harvest their coconuts. And we also make sure that all farm workers work in good conditions.

Le fruit de leur travail

Coconut cream

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