Fraise Mara des bois
Patrick Marty producteur de fraise mara des bois
Mara des Bois strawberry

Patrick Marty

Strawberry farmer for more than 20 years

Producer & Terroir

Patrick Marty is a child of his terroir driven by a determination to see his region thrive. Having been born into a farming family, he found his passion for strawberries in 1992 and has developed his very high-quality produce ever since. He also subsequently founded a sales company, Fruits Rouges Du Périgord, in 2001, through which he can help other growers in the region to find customers for their produce.

You can read more about Capdrop’s excellent climate for strawberries on the page entitled “Mara des Bois Strawberry Purée”.

The Mara des Bois is very fragrant, bright red but fragile: the Dordogne’s sun and cool nights suit it perfectly.

Patrick Marty Strawberry farmer for more than 20 years

Growing Techniques

On the farm in Capdrot, tactics against disease and pests are shaped by observation and localized action. Patrick favors biological pest control and beneficial organisms. There is no magic bullet: It is by combining several solutions that the right results are achieved.

Thrips, for example, can do a lot of harm to strawberries. One of the ways they do this is by warping them and discoloring them from red to orange. Several integrated biological protection mechanisms have been put in place. When the harvest season begins, Patrick regularly releases beneficial organisms called cucumeris mites as and when required, so that they naturally combat insects. Rather than classic pesticides, he prefers to use a mixture of cloves and sunflower essential oils and a mixture of the two is applied to leaves once a week. Its repellant odor is highly effective.

Similarly, to reduce the risk of powdery mildew fungus, Patrick uses an essential oil mixture that includes, among other ingredients, mahogany and cloves. This protects plants from the fungus by reinforcing them on a cellular level.

Environmental and Social Action

Protecting the environment is a cause close to Patrick’s heart. He committed to agroecology after a long period of reflection. He believes this technique represents the future of farming and the only way to reconcile producers’ and the planet’s needs.

For him, limiting the use of pesticides with increasing rigor is the way forward. We can either have these changes imposed on us or we can decide to lead them by becoming early adopters of innovative, environmentally friendly techniques. Patrick has clearly decided on the latter option.

In addition to the positive practices he has already implemented, Patrick is working to make his farm a zero-pesticide-residue business. By banishing chemicals from his farm, he should also be able to secure bee protection certification. Lastly, he is introducing plants to his greenhouses’ water vats and planting hedgerows made up of various plant species to boost biodiversity.

Le fruit de leur travail

Mara des Bois strawberry