Adamance - Purée de fraises Mara des bois
Patrick Marty, producteur fraise mara Adamance 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Mara des Bois strawberry



Mara des Bois strawberries grown in the sun from Dordogne

The climate in the Dordogne region is particularly well suited for Mara des Bois strawberries, with plenty of sun and cool nights. That is why this region produces so many of France’s strawberries.

« The Mara des Bois is very fragrant, bright red but fragile: the Dordogne’s sun and cool nights suit it perfectly. »

Patrick Marty strawberry farmer for more than 20 years Find out more on this producer

Delicate, subtle strawberry purée

The Mara strawberry is a very well-known, iconic variety, which, as a purée, offers a typically delicate flavor that slowly fades, like a cross between a fruit and a sweet.


Naturally pollinated strawberries

Patrick set up hives for bumblebees to promote the pollination of his strawberry plants. He is committ ed to making the sector move forward, using organic techniques such as pheromone traps to trick pests, which reduces his use of pesticides.

Le fruit de leur travail

Mara des Bois strawberry


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