Peche blanche Montrouge et Patty
Carlos Dias Gorrilhes producteur de peche blanche
Montrouge & Patty® white peach

Carlos Dias Gorrilhes

Production Manager and Peach Expert


When Carlos talks about his job, it is clear just how many areas of expertise farmers need to master. As a production manager, he runs the farm, draws up growing schedules, decides when harvests take place and manages staff. His orchards include 600 acres of peach, apricot and cherry trees. He has been looking after them for 20 years and has found new ways to improve production every season.

« As our orchard is dedicated to Adamance, we were able to delay the harvest to obtain sweeter fruit. »

Carlos Dias Gorrilhes Production Manager and Peach Expert


Peach Tree Pruning Experts

For Carlos, pruning is the most crucial step in the process if fruit is to be at its best. What makes it vital is that it removes some of the flowers while keeping branches that produce the best, most flavorsome and sugar-rich fruit. This is precise, highly expert work. It takes seven years to become a good pruner. Our partner’s loyal team has come back every year since the orchard’s early days. Another advantage of pruning is that felled branches can be left on the ground before being chipped, where they naturally shed nourishing organic material onto the soil.


Peaches with a Reduced Appetite for Water

Peaches are a little different from other fruit grown in the orchard. Watering is a huge challenge, as peaches need a lot more moisture than apricots, for example, if they are to thrive. Carlos has been able to optimize water use despite this issue, using drip-feeding to reduce it by half. This way, less resource is distributed during each watering session, but sessions take place more regularly. This task is important enough for two members of staff to focus on nothing but watering from April to September. Carlos is now working to further optimize watering. Tree branch sensors can bring extra precision to the process by measuring branch growth and supplying information on trees’ water stress levels.

Le fruit de leur travail

Montrouge & Patty® white peach