Adamance - purée de citron femminello
admance main citron femminello 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Femminello lemon


8 °B
+/- 2
Citron IGP Syracuse Sicile Adamance purée de fruits

Our lemons are “primo fi ore”, which means they are harvested between November and March to ensure the most intense flavors

Giuseppe and Dario Campisi Producteurs de citron depuis 4 générations Find out more on this producer

The closest lemon purée to fresh lemon

Lemons have juice, sure, but pulp as well, so why miss out on it? Lemon purée still has the lemon cells, to preserve all the freshness of a juiced Femminello with its foral and acidic notes.

Lemons with a reduced environmental footprint!

The lemon fl owers are pollinated thanks to around a hundred beehives that belong to local honey producers, which are moved around the orchards. It’s easy when you work without pesticides. As for the water for irrigation, it is pumped exclusively using solar energy.

Le fruit de leur travail

Femminello lemon


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