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Meeker raspberry


framboise label Ariljska

Raspberries with protected origin from Arilje

Arilje raspberries are famous all around the world for their quality. They are grown using traditional techniques, at between 600 and 800 metres of altitude, in a sunny, continental climate with cool nights that allow their aromas to develop.

« In accordance with Arilje tradition, young shoots are cut to better expose the fruit to sunlight, letting them fi ll with sugar. »

Mileta Prtenjak raspberry farmer since 1980 Find out more on this producer

Powerful, strong-flavored raspberry purée

Raspberry purée made from only one variety allows the Meeker’s acid to hit first, followed by its trademark powerful aromas.

Raspberries that are more respectful of the environment

Mileta works on all fronts to decrease the amount of inputs needed to protect his raspberries. With perseverance, he has reduced the pesticides used on his farm by a third. And he has many projects up his sleeve to keep using less and less.

Le fruit de leur travail

Meeker raspberry


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