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Moro and Tarocco Blood Orange Puree


12 °B
+/- 2

PGI Sicily blood oranges

Our blood oranges come from the Campisi family farm in Lentini, Sicily, near Mount Etna. The volcanic soil combined with the typical temperatures of the Mediterranean climate encourage the citrus fruit to grow properly and develop its beautiful flamboyant color.

Thanks to Mount Etna and its influence on temperatures, these blood oranges have higher anthocyanin levels and a unique, balanced flavor.

Giuseppe and Dario Campisi Citrus growers for 4 generations

A tangy and balanced blood orange puree

Our blood oranges come in two complementary varieties: The Moro and the Tarocco. This combination allows us to obtain a powerful flavor with a beautiful red hue that elegantly colors your creations.

Sustainably irrigated blood oranges

Keen to preserve the quality of their soil, the two brothers decided to implement micro-irrigation in order to avoid excessive water consumption. The farm’s orchards contain zero pesticide residues and are also naturally pollinated by bees from the farm’s own beehives to foster the growth and flavor of the fruit.

Le fruit de leur travail

Moro and Tarocco Blood Orange Puree


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