Citron vert lime de perse Adamance purée 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Persian lime


+/- 2

Mexican limes

Tomas has 38 hectares of land where he grows citrus fruit as well as avocados. He is based in Yucatan in Mexico, the world’s number one lime producing country. There, the summers are short, winters are damp and it is hot and sultry all year round.

We use local plants rich in active substances as natural pesticides.

Tomas Chel Cauich family lime farming for several generations

A powerful and floral lime purée

An intense fragrance with a slight bitterness that reveals all the richness of the Persian lime.

Limes grown in harmony with nature

After having learned about the real impact pesticides have on consumers’ health, Tomas turned to more sustainable methods. He stopped using chemicals and set about diversified farming to naturally return to a balanced ecosystem and a solution for better pest control.

Le fruit de leur travail

Persian lime


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