Adamance - Purée de cassis blackdown et andorine
admance main cassis 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Blackdown & Andorine blackcurrant


Cassis fruit français Adamance

Blackcurrant from Burgundy

Florent’s farm is located in Burgundy, a historic blackcurrant-producing region. It’s right up next to great vineyards, as grapevines and blackcurrants have long been complementary plants for farmers. The local climate has the cold winters that are needed for this Nordic fruit.

« A ripe blackcurrant will quickly fall to the ground, so we harvest non-stop, night and day, to pick the best fruit. »

Florent Baillard blackcurrant farmer and president of the National Association of Blackcurrant and Redcurrant Find out more on this producer

Intense, woody blackcurrant purée

The two varieties chosen for our blackcurrant purée gives an intense, acidic hit to start, followed by lingering fresh, woody notes.

Blackcurrant promoting biodiversity

98% of blackcurrant-pollinating insects have disappeared in the last 40 years, putt ing the whole sector in danger. Florent is participating in a project,
involving experiments by a researcher from the French National Scientifi c Research Centre (CNRS), to bring back as much biodiversity as possible to his orchards and share new knowledge with his fellow farmers.

Le fruit de leur travail

Blackdown & Andorine blackcurrant


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