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Green Williams pear


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Pears from the Vallée du Rhône

Nicolas’ farm is located on an island between the two arms of the Rhône river, forming a perfect micro-climate to grow his pears. The trees are fed by the sediment in the soil, which is low in stones and retains water well.


« Our pears taste so excellent because they are grown on the sediments of the Rhône. »

Nicolas Buard pear farmer and irrigation manager for the area Find out more on this producer

Sweet, textured pear purée

We chose the Green Williams for its ability to retain its whole range of aromas, even when puréed. This means it has a delicious, sweet flavor profile, with this summer pear’s characteristic texture.

Pears protected by insects

Nicolas has developed true expertise, which means he can grow pears with no pesticide residue. He allows vegetation to grow on the orchard, so that predators of pests that att ack pear trees can live there and protect the trees. That means he treats his crops two times less compared to conventional agriculture.

Le fruit de leur travail

Green Williams pear


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