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Ciaculli Tangerine


10,5 °B
+/- 2

Traced Sicilian tangerines

The Mineo family has been growing tangerines alongside other citrus fruits and vegetables in the Ciaculli region of Sicily since the 1940s. For three generations, the Mineo family has been passionate about agriculture and what the Mediterranean climate and the typical clay soil of this region have to offer.

We have been growing Ciaculli tangerines naturally and without pesticides since the 40s

Vicenzo Mineo Vicenzo Mineo, tangerine grower and head of the family business Find out more on this producer

A sweet and fragrant tangerine puree

A fruit with a balanced aromatic profile, typical of the Sicilian tangerine. We opted for an early stage of ripeness in order to retain the fresh, zesty flavor of the fruit obtained from the first harvests, as this stands out more clearly in food applications.

Tangerines protected by pollinators

Long opposed to the use of pesticides, Vicenzo decided to go a step further by setting up beehives on his farm to promote the pollination of tangerine flowers. The farmer also decided to implement micro-irrigation in order to avoid excessive water consumption and to keep weeds at bay.

Le fruit de leur travail

Ciaculli Tangerine


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