43005 Purée de Yuzu
DSC00220 (1) 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Citrus Junos Yuzu


8 °B
+/- 2

Yuzus from the protected origin of Kochi in Japan

Our yuzu comes from Shin’s farm in Kochi. This is one of the most highly regarded yuzu orchards, and its protected origin status is a testament to the quality of its fruit. The trees are cultivated in a 2.5-hectare space and pruned so that the leaves and fruit are bathed in natural sunlight.

What makes Kochi Yuzu juice so tasty is that it retains a significant amount of essential oil.

Shin Yamamoto-San Yuzu producer from Kochi.

An intense yet well-balanced yuzu purée

A surprising citrus fruit that subtly blends a pronounced tanginess, a hint of bitterness and yuzu’s characteristic aromatic complexity

Yuzu cultivated to care for local biodiversity

Whereas before pruned branches were burned, for some time now, Shin’s farm has chipped them to supply organic matter, which is then mixed with horse manure from Kochi racecourse. This compost is spread out through the yuzu
orchards and broken down by thousands of earthworms to provide nutrients for the trees. This is only possible because the soil is filled with life

Le fruit de leur travail

Citrus Junos Yuzu


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