Adamance puree fraise charlotte et magnum
Photo Médaillon Facing 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Cléry & Charlotte Strawberry



French strawberries

Marine’s strawberries grow in the ancient terroir of Carpentras, at the foot of Mont Ventoux. These plains benefit from a microclimate that helps the
strawberries to ripen perfectly, while the mistral wind blows 100 days a year to protect them from diseases.

« Our strawberries owe their high quality to the cold winters of Mont Ventoux and the sunny climate of Vaucluse. »

Marine Nouveau part of a family that has been growing strawberries for three generations

A tangy, woody strawberry

Clery strawberries have a characteristic acidity, a woody taste, and an intense red color that can all be found in the final fruit purée.


A CSR approach for strawberry-growing

The strawberries are grown here using hydroponic techniques, and all the materials used are recycled and recyclable. Most importantly, 100% of our organic waste and used materials are recycled to minimize their environmental footprint, as is our water.


Le fruit de leur travail

Cléry & Charlotte Strawberry