Adamance - Purée d'abricots flavorcot et lido
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Flavor cot® & Lido apricot



Apricots from the Vallée du Rhône

Jean-Philippe’s orchard, which exclusively supplies Adamance, is just next to Tain l’Hermitage, where we work. There, the soil is low in sand and the climate is perfect for apricots. But, he has to adapt to winters that are ending earlier and earlier, which increases the risk of late frost impacting flowering. So, he has built anti-frost wind towers in all his orchards.

« We prefer to work with nature rather than with pesticides »

Jean-Philippe Boisset apricot farmer, has taken over his parents’ farm with his brothers Find out more on this producer

Fresh, tangy apricot purée

We have found two less common, yet complementary varieties, Flavor cot® and Lido, which hit you with tanginess, followed by floral notes, and leave you with a super fresh taste in your mouth.

Apricots in harmony with the environment

Jean Philippe has decided to work diff erently to grow apricots in environmentally responsible orchards. He lets grass strips grow between each row of trees. He has chosen to use drip irrigation and organic techniques, to greatly reduce his use of inputs.

Le fruit de leur travail

Flavor cot® & Lido apricot


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