Adamance - Purée fruits de la passion
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Passion fruit Peru



Passion fruit from Peru

Since he was a child, Isaias has been growing passion fruit with his father on their 12-hectare farm. The local climatic conditions are ideal, the high altitude bathing the fruit in sunshine while keeping it cool with the wind that is present all year long. These factors make it possible for the soil to maintain the moisture levels necessary to grow passion fruit.

I am proud of the solidarity between producers in my valley : we help each other to grow the best possible passion fruit

Isaias Saavedra Ramos growing passion fruit from father to son. Passion fruit farmer

A vivid, authentic passion fruit purée

Passion fruit from Peru has a tangy, vivid, and authentic taste and a beautiful orange color.

Passion fruit with high Brix

Isaias collects seeds from the fruit he cultivates himself. This not only ensures independence from third parties, but also the ability to select the best,
maximum quality seeds (with high Brix), adapt to local climatic conditions and defend against disease. Seed quality control is one of his keys to success.

Le fruit de leur travail

Passion fruit Peru


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