Adamance - Purée fruits de la passion
admance main fruit de la passion du mexique 100 pourcent fruit purée Adamance

Passion fruit



Passion fruits from Dominican Republic


“Our passion fruit grows alongside bananas and papayas. Mixed cultures treat parasites in a natural way.”

Eduardo Astacio Passion fruit producer for more than 20 years Find out more on this producer

Acidic, intense passion fruit purée

Using Dominican Republic passion fruit gives us a less common taste, with a flavor profile featuring intense, powerful notes of yellow fruits, which is balanced in sweetness and acidity.

Passion fruit in harmony with nature

Eduardo cultivates passion fruit alongside other fruits, which has several advantages: the richer soil makes it possible to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, erosion is avoided and the plants protect each other from pests.

Le fruit de leur travail

Passion fruit


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