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Wild blueberry



Estonian blueberries

The forest where Eno harvests wild blueberries is located in south-eastern Estonia. Its sandy soil is perfect for growing blueberries, which make their home in the flat terrain around trees. A period of flowering with no overnight frost and with enough pollinating insects results in a good harvest.

We hand-pick all our wild blueberries in the forest.

Eno Piil blueberry farmer, watches over the forest and harvesters

Delicate, subtle blueberry purée

A rich texture and subtle acidity with the sweet and delicate aromas of wild blueberries.

Blueberry picking with the whole family

Our blueberries are not cultivated, they grow naturally without human intervention. Picking them is vital to the local economy. Families gather every summer for this event, and many earn their living from it.

Le fruit de leur travail

Wild blueberry


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